My journey launching 12 side projects in 2021

I'm building 12 projects in 2021

In an effort to learn new technologies and other various skills I'm going to build and launch 12 side projects this year.

Most of these projects already exist in my imagination and are written down in various notepads both online and off, and some are even extensions of my existing projects.

What I'm building

My goals with this project is to learn technologies I'm less familiar with, practice launching products to an audience, and share what I learn along the way!

Here are some of the project ideas I hope to work on...

  • React Native mobile app

  • Chrome Browser Extension

  • Video Chat application

  • Chatbot Builder

  • No-code project

  • Online Course

  • Micro-SaaS service

  • Online Marketplace

  • Crypto Collectible

  • Viral UGC site

  • Micro-Blogging app

  • Dynamic Audio/Video builder

(all very much subject to change)

Follow Along

I'm excited to see what I can build this year and would love for you to join me!